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April 14, 2008 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Considering Ideas, Mask Collage Series | 1 Comment
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Shadow the Bulldog

The thirteen images that form the heart of the Stranger Than Fiction Mask Image Collage Series were created on watercolor paper using exotic papers, rice papers, and other handmade papers I’ve collected.

At first with The Lion collage, or My What Big Teeth You Have, I was working rather blindly, that is, arranging colors, textures, and shapes until a direction/idea began to form about what it was going to be. I use several different approaches when creating a work. With the initial collage it began purely as a design process. It could have remained at that stage, pure design, a composition of color and shapes that pleased me. However, a lion mask emerged, perhaps as I started that collage during August ’07…so I followed where it led me to the final content and the idea that the series would be about mask images.

Probably this explanation could make some people nervous, but what I’m really doing is trusting the process. The approach is essentially intuitive knowing there are ideas kept inside me, just waiting for their chance to come out and make themselves heard.

I continued the basic design approach with the next two collages and it wasn’t until I was working on this fourth collage, Shadow the Bulldog, that I was able to visualize the whole series. That it would be revolve around the natural world and animal masks.

The Lion didn’t make the final cut for the thirteen, I love the image but you’ll notice it sits on the paper different that the other two, and all the ones to follow. Oh, and this one’s a French Bulldog!

Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.-Henri Matisse

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  1. Hi Joan,

    Frank forwarded your letter to me and I was just checking out what my artistic cousin was doing. I almost went this route when I was graduating from High School. I had won numerous Awards in art and received many scholarships from various University’s to study art. I didn’t want to end up a starving artist and tried studying architecture. In the 70’s most architects were struggling while trying to make a living and my college professors discouraged me repeatedly from pursuing my dream. I wish I had ignored them, but life has a way of molding you us what we are meant to be somehow. I am greatly appreciative to God for the gift of healing that He has given me, as well as obtaining my eventual degree in the Art of Oriental Medicine.

    I hope all is well and regret not having grown up knowing you a lot better.

    I wish you all of God’s blessings and abundant success in the things you love to do.

    Reggie Stout

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