A New Calendar Year!

January 10, 2010 at 10:25 am | Posted in Considering Ideas | Leave a comment
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It’s a fresh January 2010. How do you mark the event? Consider that it’s also a pristine decade, in a way still unblemished with our human strivings.

In nature, time is cyclic. Echoed in celestial movements, marked by reoccurring seasons, the environment returns unto itself.  In our created reality, humans mark time linearly, young to old, beginning to end. Although part of the nature cycle, we mostly define existence as “from here to there”. It’s easy to get caught up in that concept. Yes, and I succumb.

I have a psychological yearning for new starts…the concept of out with the old, step lively into a new scene beckons. The handy symbolism of a new calendar year is a perfect opportunity to mark that crossing.

How do I approach it?

It’s surely an extension of being a visual person, but I constantly seek order, unity, and balance in my surroundings. It’s another composition! And it needs negative space! Clear, uncluttered areas are a place to rest the eye and the mind.

Clutter, stuff, stuff, stuff, it comes into our lives so easily.

My major New Year’s ritual is to toss out, recycle, simplify, reorganize, and renew the scene in our home.

Ahhhhh, room to breathe again!

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