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Solidarity by Joan Desmond 1/8/2015

©2015, Joan Desmond, Solidarity.

January 11, 2015

“Solidarity” is my direct response to the shootings in Paris on January 7th at Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper. It was deeply disturbing to hear that journalists were executed for their written words and cartoonists for art they made. On January 8th I thought to have my image stand-alone and not write anything to go with it; the words wouldn’t come that day. Since then I’ve read many accounts, editorials, and opinions about the shootings and the newspaper itself, they run the gamut from supportive to highly critical. Granted, Charlie Hebdo published extremely controversial articles, cartoons and jokes. The tone overall is left-wing, antireligious, non-conformist…in a word incendiary. So what?

This was an act of terrorism. One more act of terrorism in an ever-growing global number. Another violent lashing out meant to eliminate, intimidate, censor, enacted by killers who are indoctrinated in a totalitarian ideology. And they want the rest of the world to believe it also, to conform to it, at any cost.

“Solidarity” is about those thoughtfully unified against terrorists. It represents the numerous worldwide voices responding to those who are violently intolerant, to those who would eliminate free thought and speech, and creative expression.

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