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                                   © Joan Desmond, Turn Away , journal sketch


“Time slipped its noose like a wild horse.” I wrote in one of my journals

about 30 years ago. Even then, feeling as if I was running behind myself.

Still haven’t caught up. Now knowing that it doesn’t matter as long as I’m

moving forward, sometimes looking back to where I was.

Postcards From the Edge 2018

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I am one of many artists participating in the 20th Annual Postcards From the Edge, a benefit for Visual Aids, on Friday, January 19, 2018 at 6:00pm–Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 8:00pm, at Gallery 524, 524 West 24th Street, New York, New York.


She’s Making Art On The Computer Again!

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and having entirely too much fun with the process. This developed from hand drawn fish patterns that were scanned in. Not sure what to call this approach…it’s digital in the end.

Sphere by Joan Desmond 2017

©2017, Joan Desmond, Sphere.

Winter Collage: Red Tree

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Red Tree by Joan Desmond 2017

©2017, Joan Desmond, Red Tree.

Recently there was a winter storm and white completely redefined the landscape. I walk out to new visual discoveries. Parallel lines of forked quail prints cross the oval tracks of a lone rabbit. Snow sits fat, frosting dollops on green sugar bush branches and pine needles. Feathered crystal patterns reflect from a puddle.

Mostly I am breath-caught silent by the space around objects, the negative space. It is that tree, that boulder, that view that is now silhouetted and distinct within the whiteness, each is highlighted and suspended for a moment, a day perhaps.

Then it all melts.


We Are One

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Unity by Joan Desmond 2016

©2016, Joan Desmond, Unity.

I used the color purple symbolically here to represent unity, enlightenment, wisdom, and spirituality.

Cool Blue River

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The River by Joan Desmond

©Joan Desmond, The River.


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©Joan Desmond.

Within a large gathering of glowing poppies, a single brilliant bloom dares to be different.


Insert Catchy Title Here

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for this post about a body of work. An unfinished body of work it is. Yet, today I’m having trouble seeing the beginning, and the parts that came after. All because I couldn’t remember when, when, when, I painted this acrylic.

Day/Night by Joan Desmond, acrylic on canvas 24" x 30".

©Joan Desmond, Day/Night. Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 30″.

I recall the name Day/Night. It’s about opposites in many ways. The visual thinking I see and recall easily. It was a time of exploring tensions between geometric and organic, of the vertical and horizontal, color polarities, all that stuff. When was that?  For me, painting is usually a process that morphes into something else with a little of the old, and a bit of a new direction.  There are breakthrough works, exploring works and new direction works, it’s always ongoing when the immersion is there. But the dates don’t stick.

You’d think I’d have records. Surely I have records somewhere. It wasn’t the only undated, unrecorded, un-moored painting I found while looking around. This would not be an issue if one documents things. So that’s the catchy title angle. Document, date, ’cause you forget. You forget so much. The sanity you save may be your own.

Winter Lights

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Winter Lights 2015 by Joan Desmond

©2015, Joan Desmond, Winter Lights.


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 Shine by Joan Desmond

© Joan Desmond, Shine.



Within a universe

of a trillion stars

I breathe, therefore I am

I think, I’m a thinker

I love, I’m a lover

I walk, I’m a walker

I stumble

I fall

I rise


Within a universe

of a trillion stars

I sing, I’m a singer

I dance, I’m a dancer

I drum, I’m a drummer

I paint, I’m a painter

I stumble

I fall

again I rise



the soul knows

when I started

where I traveled

how I came

to this

brief twinkle

Within a universe

of a trillion stars


-Joan Desmond 2015
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