Winescapes- The 6-liter Canvas

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Until I hefted one I really had no idea how big a 6-liter wine bottle was.

The idea was to “art it up” for a benefit auction at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. I had never worked with a bottle before. When you first brainstorm on an art project, tons of ideas come to mind. You entertain all ideas, from the silly to the fantastic. I considered drilling holes, attaching metal extensions, etching into, gluing onto, putting inside off, shall it be wrapped in grapevines? The whole gamut entertained just to shake loose ideas. In the end the decision was to paint onto. I do love to paint! I’m also painting other landscapes. The idea of a Dionysius ‘scape seemed fitting.

by Joan Desmond 2010

I practiced on a couple of smaller bottles to see the effects of the various mediums on glass. The final decision included some of the luscious interference and duochrome acrylic paint from Daniel Smith. They give the image a rich, reflective quality. I also wanted to keep some of the glass exposed as there is always a relationship between the material and the message, and this was a “glass-see-though-with-depth bottle”. For the main image, which you may recognize as a re-creation of a much larger, 62″, oil painting of mine, a thin application of Yes Paste was used to attach a rectangle of paper. This gave it opaqueness and surface stability. Then a layer of gesso was applied and then the paint. The lettering is in acrylic applied to the glass over gesso, with no paper. Afterwards, for a protective coat it was sealed with thinned Golden Soft Gel.

So just how large is a 6-liter bottle? Here’s a comparison.


“Winescapes -wine tasting and auction”, will be held on Wednesday, April 21 from 6:30pm- 8:30pm at:  the Bakersfield Museum of Art, 1930 R St., Bakersfield, CA

Art Studio Journal

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studio-journal-1photo collage of studio journals

There’s that quick little note about something inspiring that I read or saw. Several labels from favorite art materials. An article about block printing that intrigues. All this and more is gathered in my studio journals. There’s a binder for articles and such, plus a smaller notebook for quick sketches and writings. As you can see there’s lots of documentation about colors. Color mixing can be very experimental as I try out new colors, such as Daniel Smith’s Duochrome and Interference acrylics, and play with fresh combinations. Keeping a record of colors created and what was used in particular paintings is helpful. In the back of the notebook there’s a running inventory of numbers and sizes for stretcher bars, frames and glass on hand. Couldn’t do without it.

Singing Snowflakes

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Here are two views of the large, 8″ ornament, I created for the Arts Council of Kern Holiday Art Shop.

The sphere was first covered with mulberry paper, which also created a textured surface. Then it was painted with acrylics. I had some great iridescent paint from Daniel Smith for the highlights.

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