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by Mirta Toledo of Argentina & the U.S.A


Theme: Thumb, Pouce, Daumen, Duim, Pulgar, Pollice, Policele, Polegar…

Open Media: collage, photography, painting, drawing, printing, etc.

Format & Size: postcards from 4”x6” (or 10 x 15 cm), up to A5 size

about 5 ¾” x 8 1/4” (or 14.8 x 21 cm) maximum.

Documentation: All received works will be exhibited and the artists listed on the blog

Please include your name, mailing address, and email address for acknowledgment and correspondence purposes –we will send a list of participants, and copies of any press coverage of the exhibition.

There will be a three-day exhibit July 25, 26, & 27 at the Odd-Fellows Hall in Kernville, California, USA. Kernville has a rich history as a mining town during the California Goldrush and was also frequently used as the site for old silent western movies.

This is the first time an international mail art show will be held in Kernville. At the exhibit there will be a world map indicating the country and city of the artists.

Deadline to be received: June 30, 2008

No fee, no returns: The postcards will become part of the collection of Thumbing Through.

All works must be sent via normal postal route.

 Mail to:        


                  c/o J. Desmond

                  P.O. Box 2287

                  Lake Isabella, CA 93240


More on Mail Art & The Thumb! Exhibition.

A Fine Masquerade

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Well, I’ve been hinting strongly at a story with these collages. The narrative connection between the masks really came together after I finished designing them. “A Fine Masquerade” consists of the thirteen collage mask images along with a short story that I’ve made into a small (4” x 5 ¾”) accordion-style booklet. Although not an “artist’s edition” in the traditional sense, all of the work is completed by me in a numbered and signed edition of 75.

In the pure sense, an artist’s edition consists of hand-pulled prints (etching, block, linoleum, etc.), while these were printed with an inkjet printer. The interior pages are cotton paper printed with archival ink, then hand-cut and put together using Yes Paste (also archival). The covers are individually collaged and unique. Each booklet is finished off with a wrapping cord and an African krobo bead.

The price of each booklet is $23.50, which includes CA sales tax. Domestic shipping is $2.00. You may order this via credit card (PayPal) or check. Contact me at to add A Fine Masquerade to your collection.

Louder Than A Rooster

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Erebos Raven

He’s been rocking in the forceful wind, long claws dug into the top of the phone pole across the road for months. Black feathers rise and fall with gusts, and at times glint white in the sun. Daily, his scratchy Caw! Caw! demands Peanuts! Peanuts! Come scatter the morning peanuts! If ignored he moves onto a pine branch above the house for the thunderous effect. At night he beds in those trees.

A smaller female has joined him.  They’ll both chase and dive-bomb hawks venturing into this air space as if somehow a red-tail might steal the precious meal. Lately, their biggest competitor is a coyote who also likes goobers. Not as successful as expelling that raider, they boldly swoop and hop around him hopeful of leftovers.

In an opportune moment, the ravens stuff several peanuts in their beaks and fly off to dissect them. Only then is it quiet.

Of course there had to be a raven collage mask!

Evening Fire

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Magenta Cat

She is fat-cheeked and cutesy, but don’t underestimate her. She is a mask after all. Magenta is a balance to that which is darker, in a world that’s all about balance. She also represents the colors of the evening, the colors of the setting sun. 

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