Framing Of A Different Kind

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There was an email from the Thumbing Through Blog today-a new post about a writing challenge, Beman’s Write Harder Challenge. Among other things, it mentioned poetry. Ears perked! One of the reasons I love poetry is that I can put punctuation, capitals, and whatever, wherever I want. It’s sort of like putting shapes, lines & color where needed in a painting. Here’s to the challenge, Ann Beman.




In the window frame,

black, two panes

above the computer

the morning sky sits rectangle tall

and thick gray.

On the left, only there

is a pine cluster

thirty branches angling, curving

each less than an inch round

but flat against this light.

The black spiny silhouette

scratchy needles poking

up down sideways

quite unbalanced

all of it.


this won’t do of course


none of it


That center vertical window bar

will have to go.

And what is the content here?

Washed-out gray is somber

no, kind of blah

yes, definitely blah

perhaps a touch of cerulean

maybe rain threatening

deep scarlet or orange

brushed over cloud edges

is called for.

Plump those clouds for definition

simplify those messy boughs,

prune, add green,

some of it.


Then as if the light changed

turning slyly back on her

she becomes the framed

limbed reflection,

looking back

into that space

observing the thoughts.

How often this reaction

adjusting visual elements

rarely seeing or accepting

what is, instead

imagining a world reorganized

to some design ideal

with artistic mind play.

That is it, always it.

Are You Well Versed?

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Microscopic by Joan Desmond 2013

©2013, Joan Desmond, Microscopic.

We are halfway through National Poetry Month, which highlights this literary form. See also April Is Poetry Month. So have a go at it. Pull out that anthology. Read some words, maybe craft some rhyme, and verse up your month.

The wind blows the dirt

It flies in furtively

through window screens

disguised as fresh air

it scurries

over furniture


under couches

I chase it down

scoop it up

and throw it

in the can

Then, once a week

it is tranported


in the back

of a white truck

twenty-five miles

or so

I take it to the dump

release it

into the landfill

and there

the wind blows the dirt

The Wind Blows the Dirt by Joan Desmond 2013

April Is Poetry Month!

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Last month, March, was Youth Art Month. The Council for Art education thought of that. This month, April, is Poetry Month. Apparently this was initiated by the Academy of American Poets. It’s nice to know these things. I’m game for anything that spotlights and awakens the various creative muses. For poetry month I’ve been spurred by two friends and their insistent daily output so I’m at the keyboard composing Day Poems, that is, something every day, mostly, to keep up.

I’m sharing two poems-one old, one new, the first kind of cheeky, fun and an old favorite, the second one reflective.  Let me know what you think.

Squishy white bread

Squishy white bread

is not good for me

but feels fine sandwiched in my fingers

especially with sticky peanut butter

wedged into the fold of it

next to some real butter

not good either

So full of Wonder when I was nine

at such a find

coming from Holland

with the heavy whole wheats

and dark hearty ryes

one piece would fortify all day

In Cincinnati it took 8 slices

of the white stuff

to weigh down the stomach

But what squeezy fun

those white bread balls for creek fishing

or sculpted into ammo

to lob at the American kids.

Joan Desmond 2/24/00


an endless space

and that your fingers

can touch infinite length

Visualize each possible answer

knowing your mind

can answer all questions

Think of every conceivable color

understanding their ultimate harmony

Hear all possible sounds

familiar with each vibration

Consider every possible number

as you

remember all the sequences

and that this is your destiny

this is who you really are

endless, infinite

touching forever and all

so much more than

“me, me, me” and “I”

Joan Desmond 4/11/12

Women’s Creativity and the Midsummer Moon Art Celebration

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photo by Sherry Gaskin

From the “make art”  table. One little girl’s version of a prayer flag, sending a positive message out on the breeze.

What have I been up to lately?

Several months back, my friend Elaine across the lake, had a terrific idea about assembling an event celebrating local women artists, and hosting it in her backyard at the time of the Summer Solstice.

Getting involved would distract me from immersion in studio work, but it sounded SO RIGHT, particularly at this point in time, when so much is doom and gloom, and people are holding back. This is exactly when we need to brainstorm, and realize that we possess many resources for creating new directions. Also, it would create a fine venue for art display, which is always welcome, so I committed to the idea.

We discussed the artists we knew. There’s an incredible wealth of female talent in this community in the Fine Arts. Besides, we could identify many cool ladies who would attend and enjoy such an event. As individual artists’ names came up, it was apparent that this could be expanded to include singing, dancing, and poetry, in addition to visual art, creating a balanced day of the arts. This also meant being selective about participants, keeping physical space and time in mind.

From experience, I know that a select group of women can produce a supportive, encouraging, co-operative, and inspiring atmosphere. That was the intent behind the Celebration, and that attitude carried through all the planning.


Color framed the day, heavy on burgundy and reds, as reflected by the postcard invite.


photo by Sherry Gaskin

Out  Of  The  Question kicked off the festivities.

Music was by the group Out Of The Question, with Pat Seamount, Katharine Edmonson, and Kris Wilber. What’s more, most attendees contributed their music during a later percussion fest.

photo by Ellen Schafhauser

Keeping the beat with gourd shakers. In the background, art displays line the entry.

Visual Artists participating were Eve Laeger-watercolor, Sherry Gaskin-photography, Elaine Shrader-painting, Ellen Schafhauser-photography, Katharine Edmonson-assemblage, Pat Seamount-painting, Marjorie Carroll-sculpture, and myself.

photo by Sherry Gaskin

Jill shares her short stories

Ann Beman with a poetry workshop, and Jill Sloan reading her short stories represented literature.

photo by Sherry Gaskin

Ann drums everyone in for the poetry workshop.

photo by Ellen Schafhauser

That’s me introducing drummin’ fun.

2-girls-drummingphoto by Ellen Schafhauser

Friends Hannah and Emma collaborate on a frame drum.


photo by Sherry Gaskin

Graceful Heather from Tribal Moon Rising

There were many attendees, a number of which had only planned to drop in for a bit but then got caught up in the flow and stayed all day. Day flowed into the evening with individual dance performances by Pamela, Marluna, Ankhet; and members of the troupe Tribal Moon Rising– Heather, Melynie, and Kristie. The grand finale was everyone on their feet dancing, celebrating our common abilities and potential.

The June 26th issue of the Kern River Courier, page 12, has a lovely article by columnist Donna Fitch, about the Celebration, titled Show fetes Midsummer Moon Art

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