Christmas Or Whatever You Want To Call It

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Not Your Parents’ Duct Tape

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Or perhaps 50 mail artists at ready, get set, and go… these are mini music shakers from my “duct tape and lentil” series for Keith Buchholz’ FLUXKITS.

Fluxkits are smallish objects (a box perhaps) that are collections of other objects that hold meaning to the artist and can be interacted with by an audience. Keith Buchholz is assembling this edition of 50, everyone contributes 50 of something. Then we each get a FlUXKIT in return and it is also archived. Mail Art easily moves in the direction of Fluxus, since it (and Fluxus) has such a strong element of humor and anti-commercialism.

The music aspect refers to #12. Musicality*, on Ken Friedman’s 1992 list of 12 Fluxus  ideas (and my own need for rhythm)

*from 40 Years of Fluxus

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