Looking Back

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Mountain of Memories – River of Dreams* -J.Desmond

We see letters and shape them to words. Through associations, voice and tongue, we give them meanings that resonate within us and bring us home. They are easily accessed.

As easily approached are visual representations of object around us. Yes, that’s a bird, a tree, a mountain in that painting. Immediate understanding comforts us.

But do we remember how to ken depths of color? How to lose self in blue, when to tread lightly on orange, or get carried forward in red?

It takes time to follow a curved line along its path, responding viscerally when it zigs and springs, curls or flows. To let texture reach out for our touch we have to grant permission.

The language of abstraction is elemental and may be felt in our bones and ancient memory. It can open endless perceptions if we allow ourselves that vulnerability.

But that is the more difficult and nor so easily accessed.

*an earlier mixed-media work

Echoing Color

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Rolling color


2 mixed-media collages – May 2010-Joan Desmond

and enough texture to fall into- from the studio.

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