Rock formations

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are so intriguing to me. A quick sketch featuring a push/pull duo on the ridge.

Joan Desmond 2010-pencil

Wildflower Alert!

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For days the wind has howled in the canyon, probably at 40-50 miles per hour or more. But suddenly it has let up some. This morning’s air was warmer and the hillsides vivid with creamcups, golden poppies, purple brodiaea, goldfields, and white popcorn flowers; all the wildflowers that didn’t dare open themselves up to the wind are now blooming gloriously.

There are many ways to look at the world and to make art. My viewpoint tends toward abstraction and often those ideas are spontaneous or visualized. However, you’ve got to know what it is you are abstracting. There are times when I draw representationally from a subject in order to really see what is out there, and in order to keep my eye to hand skills sharp, and for the meditative discipline of it. Still, there is always the process of interpretation that occurs. This is a drawing of a California poppy or Eschscholzia californica. They range in color from pale yellow to gold to blazing orange.

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