Postcards From the Edge 2012

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I’m participating in the 14th Annual POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, a benefit for Visual AIDS. This weekend, January 7-8, 2012. Hosted at Cheim & Read 547 West 25th Street, NY.

Postcards From the Edge 2011

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Over 1400 artists, including me, are participating in this year’s Postcards From the Edge , a benefit for Visual Aids in New York.

12th International MiniArt Exchange

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Announcing the opening of the MiniArt Exchange exhibition at the Art Gallery of the Brazilian-American Cultural Institute in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  The exhibit theme is “Faces”. Including my piece from the U.S.A., artists represented are from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Great Britain, Turkey and Venezuela. The show will run June 28 to July 30, 2010.

Winescapes- The 6-liter Canvas

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Until I hefted one I really had no idea how big a 6-liter wine bottle was.

The idea was to “art it up” for a benefit auction at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. I had never worked with a bottle before. When you first brainstorm on an art project, tons of ideas come to mind. You entertain all ideas, from the silly to the fantastic. I considered drilling holes, attaching metal extensions, etching into, gluing onto, putting inside off, shall it be wrapped in grapevines? The whole gamut entertained just to shake loose ideas. In the end the decision was to paint onto. I do love to paint! I’m also painting other landscapes. The idea of a Dionysius ‘scape seemed fitting.

by Joan Desmond 2010

I practiced on a couple of smaller bottles to see the effects of the various mediums on glass. The final decision included some of the luscious interference and duochrome acrylic paint from Daniel Smith. They give the image a rich, reflective quality. I also wanted to keep some of the glass exposed as there is always a relationship between the material and the message, and this was a “glass-see-though-with-depth bottle”. For the main image, which you may recognize as a re-creation of a much larger, 62″, oil painting of mine, a thin application of Yes Paste was used to attach a rectangle of paper. This gave it opaqueness and surface stability. Then a layer of gesso was applied and then the paint. The lettering is in acrylic applied to the glass over gesso, with no paper. Afterwards, for a protective coat it was sealed with thinned Golden Soft Gel.

So just how large is a 6-liter bottle? Here’s a comparison.


“Winescapes -wine tasting and auction”, will be held on Wednesday, April 21 from 6:30pm- 8:30pm at:  the Bakersfield Museum of Art, 1930 R St., Bakersfield, CA

Women’s Creativity and the Midsummer Moon Art Celebration

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photo by Sherry Gaskin

From the “make art”  table. One little girl’s version of a prayer flag, sending a positive message out on the breeze.

What have I been up to lately?

Several months back, my friend Elaine across the lake, had a terrific idea about assembling an event celebrating local women artists, and hosting it in her backyard at the time of the Summer Solstice.

Getting involved would distract me from immersion in studio work, but it sounded SO RIGHT, particularly at this point in time, when so much is doom and gloom, and people are holding back. This is exactly when we need to brainstorm, and realize that we possess many resources for creating new directions. Also, it would create a fine venue for art display, which is always welcome, so I committed to the idea.

We discussed the artists we knew. There’s an incredible wealth of female talent in this community in the Fine Arts. Besides, we could identify many cool ladies who would attend and enjoy such an event. As individual artists’ names came up, it was apparent that this could be expanded to include singing, dancing, and poetry, in addition to visual art, creating a balanced day of the arts. This also meant being selective about participants, keeping physical space and time in mind.

From experience, I know that a select group of women can produce a supportive, encouraging, co-operative, and inspiring atmosphere. That was the intent behind the Celebration, and that attitude carried through all the planning.


Color framed the day, heavy on burgundy and reds, as reflected by the postcard invite.


photo by Sherry Gaskin

Out  Of  The  Question kicked off the festivities.

Music was by the group Out Of The Question, with Pat Seamount, Katharine Edmonson, and Kris Wilber. What’s more, most attendees contributed their music during a later percussion fest.

photo by Ellen Schafhauser

Keeping the beat with gourd shakers. In the background, art displays line the entry.

Visual Artists participating were Eve Laeger-watercolor, Sherry Gaskin-photography, Elaine Shrader-painting, Ellen Schafhauser-photography, Katharine Edmonson-assemblage, Pat Seamount-painting, Marjorie Carroll-sculpture, and myself.

photo by Sherry Gaskin

Jill shares her short stories

Ann Beman with a poetry workshop, and Jill Sloan reading her short stories represented literature.

photo by Sherry Gaskin

Ann drums everyone in for the poetry workshop.

photo by Ellen Schafhauser

That’s me introducing drummin’ fun.

2-girls-drummingphoto by Ellen Schafhauser

Friends Hannah and Emma collaborate on a frame drum.


photo by Sherry Gaskin

Graceful Heather from Tribal Moon Rising

There were many attendees, a number of which had only planned to drop in for a bit but then got caught up in the flow and stayed all day. Day flowed into the evening with individual dance performances by Pamela, Marluna, Ankhet; and members of the troupe Tribal Moon Rising– Heather, Melynie, and Kristie. The grand finale was everyone on their feet dancing, celebrating our common abilities and potential.

The June 26th issue of the Kern River Courier, page 12, has a lovely article by columnist Donna Fitch, about the Celebration, titled Show fetes Midsummer Moon Art

Postcards from the Edge 2009

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A Benefit for Visual AIDS I’m participating in.

January 9-10, 2009

Hosted by Metro Pictures
519 West 24th Street, NYC

The Benefit Sale — ONE DAY ONLY!
Saturday, January 10, 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Over 1,600 original postcard-sized works of art. $75 EACH. Buy four, get one free! Works are signed on the back and displayed anonymously.  Artists’ name revealed only after purchase.  First-come, first served
$5 suggested admission

The Preview Party
Friday, January 9, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
$75 admission* includes one raffle ticket
. Additional raffle tickets $20. Your only chance to get a sneak peek at the entire show! No sales, but one lucky raffle winner selects the first postcard. More prizes: Keith Haring the new 10lb $100 Rizzoli catalog & artist multiples from ARTWARE editions and Tulip Enterprises. Special hosts: The Imperial Court of New York. Plus a silent art auction. Wine courtesy of Wine & Spirits Magazine.*Participating artists attend free.

The Thumb! Mail Art Exhibit Photos

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The Mail Art Exhibit Thumb! was well received in Kernville. 

About 80-100 people attended the Friday, July 25th wine and cheese reception, and more folks came through on Saturday and Sunday. Thumb! related displays completely filled the Odd Fellows Hall. In the center of the room a pop-up frame held most of the mail art.

The pieces were inserted into crystal clear envelopes and suspended from fishing line with tiny clothespins.

The viewers were able to walk around and study both sides of the postcards; it was possible to see the contributor’s comments plus the stamps, postmarks and country of origin.

Some postcards were inserted into the pockets of the “clear wall” at the far end (shown in background) of the frame.

Near the Hall entryway, a map marked the contributors’ countries with thumbtacks. Additionally, there was a display of Brain Cell Fractal mail art, with an explanation of mail art in general.  

This display had Thumb! mail art, envelopes, and some other mail art calls available for closer inspection. 

A table set up for making art. It was a popular destination during the evening reception and throughout the weekend. Address labels were available, so some contributors received mail art in return.

                                                                                                                          -all photos by Kat Edmonson


Oh! And there was music! Taped music with mbira, or thumb piano selections, plus a bit of Under My Thumb by the Stones and other favorites played in the background for the duration of the show. Above, the acoustic artistry of Pat Seamount and Kat Edmonson enhanced the reception.

Thumb! Exhibition Poster

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Announcement for Exhibition in Brazil

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An art group I’m involved with is the International MiniArt Exchange. Artists
from many countries send one small format artwork (8″ x 8″) for a group show.
This year’s exhibition includes work from 154 artists and will run May 8th through
June 29th, 2008 at the Xico Stockinger Gallery in the House of Culture Mario
Quintana, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

More on the International Collage Exhibition

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Happy Harlequin by Joan

The Tenth International Collage Exhibit and Exchange in New Zealand is showing at the Real Tart Gallery through the month of April 2008 . Two collage artworks each from 159 artists from around the world are shown online at: Tenth International Collage Exhibit .

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